Strange Paintings by KingVitaman

Strange paintings by KingVitaman

techno viking

techno viking detail

Where does one even begin to describe the majesty of the Techno Viking? This man is the closest thing to a super hero on earth. Pay attention to the beginning of the video where a young man cops a feel on some girl dancing. The techno viking sees the injustice and steps in immediately. The douchebag is shamed almost immediately and tries to flee. It is uncertain what the douchebag does while off camera however it can be inferred that he continued to somehow taunt the techno viking. Not a good idea. In this painting we see the still from the video where the techno viking tells the douchebag to get the fuck away from him as he raises his hand and points his finger. Subtly telling him to fuck off. One of the most amazing things about this video is the fact that the techno viking never even tries to chat up the girl later on. It’s just business as usual for him. He sees an injustice. steps in. then procedes to wow everyone with his unbeliably hot dance moves. Super hot. I’ve included th Michael Jackson “beat it” version of the video because, well, just because it’s way cooler. enjoy.

Watch the techno viking here

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